Joy Joy Joy

people should get joy from their work

As the Holidays swing round again, the idea of “Joy to The World” is never far away.

And joy is a powerful idea. For it means much more than happiness, extreme positive mood, whatever. It means you’ve somehow tapped into your greatest human potential and actually felt it.

And we all know we have that potential, we all know it’s there, and we all know how hard and rare and elusive it can be to find, while we try to navigate the everyday and here and now. Which is why finding it is such *a joy* (no pun intended).

And yes, the idea that people should get joy from their work has been a central Gapingvoid tenet from the very beginning. Though not everybody will succeed at this (Some professions are more joyful than others), if our work helps create joy in other people, or better yet, helps other people create joy for even more people down the line, then we tend to prosper. That has always been the rule. That has always been something worth striving for.

So looking into the New Year, we hope you find joy in 2019, and if can do it at your pace of work, well, that’s one of the easiest and rewarding places to do it. Happy Holidays!

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