A dead simple mental model for improving your comms

Communication can always be better

We all know that  communication can always be better. The question is how?

For every Churchillian “We shall fight them on the beaches” speech or Apple “1984” commercial, there are millions upon millions of sub-pars.

Why do people get it so wrong, so often?

The short answer is, they confuse output with input.

The thing with communication is, the important bit isn’t what you say (output), but what the other person thinks you say (input). Not what is said, but what is retained.

What is retained is the only thing worth measuring, yet often it’s the last thing on the list.

The good news is, out there lay VAST CONTINENTS of businesses needing better communication. And if you can help make that happen, you will always be essential to your organization or clients.

The opportunities are endless, so go for it!

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