It’s about the stories we tell

Everything becomes a story eventually

The moments in our lives that stay with us over time…

The reason they stay with us, is because we manage to fit them into a narrative, somehow.

You don’t just remember the delicious pizza at Joe’s. You remember the beautiful spring day in Greenwich Village, and being with your significant other, and your significant other telling you something… memorable.

Everything weaves itself into the narrative, or else it is discarded and forgotten.

Because that’s how we homo-sapiens make sense of the world. Narrative is not just a useful device we found along the way to keep ourselves amused, it is core to the human experience.

Which is why marketing is so important. Marketing trains us to see the narrative at the center of every human soul, and hopefully interact with it in a productive way.

Or if we’re not doing that, we’re just not doing our job,

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