What are the stories you have to tell?

Stories are reminders that we are not alone

Take the world’s great religions: What do they have in common?

That they’re trying to get you to think about the great truths and mysteries… by telling stories.

For example: The story of Adam and Eve uses a garden, a snake and an apple to explain the human condition.

Can you imagine a religion that had no stories to tell, only facts? Hard, right?

When you think about it, stories are not just nice thing we use to keep ourselves amused (around the campfire). Stories are what we use to understand the universe, and our place within it. And without them, we simply couldn’t do it.

Here’s another example: young doctors telling stories to each other, to make their jobs less stressful and less painful. Your employees aren’t just turning up for the paycheck, a big part of it is for the stories they get to tell their friends. Think about it.

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