When has pushing the envelope gone too far?

We need you to be edgy

For all the tsunami of progressive platitudes coming out of every HR department on the planet, most businesses are pretty conservative, most businesses like to avoid controversy.

Of course they do. Because to be anything else is costly, especially in an era where people are very easily offended.

The ad agency, Havas Chicago is currently finding itself in a bit of bother for trying to push the edges, and failing. But fail or no fail, isn’t it an ad agency’s job to try to push the edges?

Yes, it is…well at least it is, until the edges push back. Then the heads roll, like it’s now happening at Havas.

What can we learn from this episode?

That culture is organic and complex and messy and should be treated with the greatest of respect.

And that if you don’t, it bites back.

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