From notoriously entrenched to more productive

Imagine a world where most healthcare is A.I.

It’s 2018, and suddenly A.I. is a *thing*.

But what does that mean for you and me, in real terms? Where’s the actual value?

Of course, it’s a vast subject, but one of the earliest promises seems to be in healthcare.

According to MIT, one third i.e. a trillion dollars of annual healthcare resources is wasted, and they believe applying A.I. could massively cut down on this.

Others are also saying something similar. Everything from faster hospital bed assignments, easier and improved documentation, and automated fraud detection.

Another big benefit would be, basically, less paperwork for the doctors. It’s a major complaint and it causing lots of doctors to leave the field. If you could cut down on it, many more talented people would stick around for longer- people we can hardly afford to lose.

Exciting stuff, to put it mildly.

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