Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Joy through making things happen

A young man once asked me, what is more important, art or money? He was trying to decide what path to take with his career- something arty and creative, or something more sensible and likely to bring in the cash.

I replied that the game really wasn’t about art versus money,  it was about being effective versus being ineffective.

Once you’ve figured out the effectiveness game, then, and only then can you decide how “creative” you want your career to be.

And when you visit the big city, say New York or London, you’ll see this all around you. Young adults who are just getting with the program, figuring out how to be producers, not just consumers.

And notice how excited they are. Because yes, it is exciting. Yes, it is joy though making things happen.

And why are we joyful? Because this is who we are. This is how the gods designed us to be. Producers. Makers. Artists. Effective.

And it’s beautiful.

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