Why you should create your own genius network

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Adam Smith wrote about it in 1776 in The Wealth Of Nations – We are frail, limited creatures, we can only do so much on our own, but if we can work with each other, we can build dams, make blockbuster movies, put a man on the moon.

Yes, it can be good to be “The Genius”. That being said, if you count carefully, you’ll notice that most great human endeavors are the result of normal people collaborating and getting amazing results, the amazing people being the exception.

So if you’re on the path to greatness, try being normal first, and learn to collaborate with others. You’ll save a lot of trouble that way.

We were back in AZ this weekend for one of our favorite annual events: GENIUS NETWORK.

Our old friend, Joe Polish, (pictured above on stage) has been an unending source of knowledge and inspiration for us. Over the years, we have met all sorts of amazing people such as John MackeyPeter DiamandisRay KurzweilTony RobbinsArianna Huffington, and Steve Forbes, to name a few.

Joe has an invitation only group called the Genius Network, that has been so enlightening for us, and if you are interested in real business insights and amazing networking, we encourage you to check it out.

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